1. Warren Pettine

    Young Veterans Face Barriers to Care

    This was published in the Denver Post: http://www.denverpost.com/opinion/ci_26787281/undefined?source=infinite He fell down the stairs and hit his head. The concussion cracked open the wall that, for two years, had kept in the red emotions and black memories from his deployment to Afghanistan. The young veteran’s parents and his friends had no...
  2. Oluwafunmilayo Ogunremi

    Diet, Obesity and Health Careers.

    I have always been passionate about education. From my college days, to post-college graduation days to till today in medical school. For me when I found that we were going to be completing a community service project, it was a no-brainer that I wanted to be back in the classrooms...
  3. Emily Johnson

    The Activated Patient

    I first heard the term “patient activation” at a conference about patient-centered medical homes during my first week of my rural rotation in Montrose, CO. Although I had never heard the term before, I quickly realized that it was a concept I had long been passionate about. The activated patient...
  4. Alexandra Ly

    Community Acquired Pneumonia

    My community service learning project consisted of a presentation that I gave to doctors in the community. The topic of my talk was community acquired pneumonia. My audience was doctors, medical assistants, and receptionists in my office. My talk focused on how to diagnose CAP and how and where to...
  5. Alexander Connelly

    Hands-Only CPR – Scouts to the Rescue!

    My community service project was conducted at The United Methodist Church annex, where Troop 22 of Fort Morgan meets on Mondays. My project was to teach this group of scouts aged 14-16 y/o the utility of hands-only CPR, with the ultimate goal of them being capable of taking this education...
  6. Camri Wolf

    How much to eat? – Jesus Rodarte Youth Center

    For my service learning project, I developed a lesson plan to take to an after school program in Greeley. The Jesus Rodarte Center, an outreach for underprivileged children in Greeley, hosts an after school program every day for several hours where kids can come to learn, work on homework, use...