1. Kristen Beck

    Communication frustration

    My CSL project ended up being very disappointing, unfortunately.The first problem, which was nobody's fault, was that my AHEC coordinator was out of town for two of the four weeks. I had emailed her during the first week and never heard back, so I emailed again during week 2. I...
  2. Paige Bennett

    Nutritional and hygiene classes

    My CSL project was inspired and supported by Brittany Badesch and Emily Johnson, who had developed interactive lectures on nutrition. I worked with six points in Gunnison, who aim to serve developmentally disabled adults in Gunnison and Hinsdale Counties. I spent two Thursday afternoons here talking with 10 awesome adults....
  3. Christian Ghincea

    On a mission to vaccinate

    I had the opportunity to spend a month in Leadville, CO for my rural rotation, working with Dr. Lisa Zwerdlinger at Rocky Mountain Family Practice. Dr. Lisa has a remarkable connection with her community, having spent nearly the last two decades as one of the main primary healthcare providers in...
  4. Fu Wang

    Geriatrics: Raise and Falls

    I had the opportunity to speak to 40 senior residents at the La Plata Senior Center in Durango about an issue that is dear to my heart: Falls Prevention. I spend total of 45 minutes at La Plata, my presentation itself lasted 15 minutes, I spend rest of the time...