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During this 8-week clinical experience, students learn the elements of patient-centered clinical care and apply it to all patient interactions. We want the students to experience how family care, community care, and chronic care is provided. The range of ages, conditions, care settings, and acuity of problems is what sets this educational experience apart.

Students split most of their time between a primary care office in the Denver metropolitan area (Adult Ambulatory Care – AAC Block) and a family medicine practice setting in a rural Colorado location (Rural & Community Care – RCC Block).  There are 22 signs, symptoms, and clinical problems and two physical exam skills the student will cover during the 8-week combined rotation.
  • Appropriately assess and develop management plans for patients who present with symptoms or problems commonly seen in community primary care.
  •  Identify recommended preventive services and health promotion opportunities for different groups of patients at risk.
  •  Demonstrate using each encounter to enhance the Doctor-Patient relationship.
  •  Incorporate knowledge of communities/culture/context in order to understand their effects on health and illness and use that knowledge in the assessment and planning of care.
  •  Demonstrates professional attributes and recognize those clinical situations where student’s knowledge/skills are inadequate, and pursue adult learning methods to improve that situation.
AAC Block Director

Kelly White, MD

AAC Block Coordinator

Kristina Oatis

Academic Office 1
12631 E. 17th Ave.
8th Floor

Phone: 303.724.1798
Fax: 303.724.1799

RCC Block Director

Dave Gaspar, MD

CC Block Director

Caroline LeClair, DO

Education Specialist & Webmaster

Michele M. Doucette, PhD

RCC & CC Block Coordinator

Steven Cruse

Academic Office 1
12631 East 17th Ave.
3rd Floor, Room 3119

Phone: 303.724.0975
Fax: 303.724.0977

Preceptor & Site Development Coordinator

Marcy Osner

Course Requirements

AAC Requirements

AAC Block

The AAC Block typically takes place in a primary care office in the Denver metropolitan area, where you are expected to see the types of patient problems seen in an office-based primary care practice. Read more...
RCC Requirements

RCC Block

The RCC Block typically takes place in a family medicine practice setting in a rural Colorado location, where you are expected to see patients in an office-based primary care practice. Read more...
AAC-RCC Common Requirements

AAC-RCC Common Requirements

Many of the 8-week AAC and RCC experiences are integrated through joint instruction, educational projects, and evaluation. Students in both Read more...
Required Readings & Related Learning Objectives

Required Readings & Objectives

During the 8-week AAC-RCC Rotations, there are 22 signs, symptoms, and clinical problems, and two physical exam skills that students are required to develop. Read more...

Other important stuff...


AAC-RCC Grading

While many elements of the 8 weeks of the AAC and RCC blocks are integrated, you will receive a separate grade for each of the 4-week blocks. Students will be evaluated Read more...
AAC-RCC Calendar

AAC-RCC Calendar

All of your AAC-RCC Block events and deadlines can be found on the AAC-RCC Calendar of Events. Everything is color coded based on the block assignment to make events easy to find! Read more...

Blocks Overview – Quick Links & Timeline

The AAC-RCC Blocks have both combined and rotation-specific requirements. The tabbed information below illustrates requirements and deadlines common to both rotations and those specific to each rotation (click on each title to view its content).
  • AAC-RCC Blocks Intro
  • Logistics and grading
  • Introduction to patient care
  • Chronic disease management/team-based care
  • Prevention and risk assessment
  • Oral health
  • Common dermatologic lesions
  • “Final Exam Review” session
  • Learning activities covering oral exams and health screens
Final Session
Weekly: Due Friday of Week 2: Due Wednesday of Week 3: Due at end of 4 Weeks:  
Due at end of Week 2: Due at end of 4 Weeks:  

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